What's New?

Mojo 5 has recently been released! It probably goes without saying that there are tons of changes that were made to Mojo. First and foremost, we optimized our application more than ever before. Mojo should load and reload faster, and it leaves a smaller application fingerprint on your device.

It is also worth noticing that we have removed the entire idea of user-added repositories. As great as the idea was, we noticed that users were not using it as much as we had anticipated. Given that the idea is to appeal to our users, we decided that removing unused features was not just necessary, but at the top of our priority list.

There are more changes coming to Mojo soon, but hopefully the small Mojo 5 release will show users that we are still just as dedicated to keeping our users happy and satisfied as ever.

Check back soon for more information on coming changes and new features being added to Mojo!

Thank you so much,
~ Mojo Dev Team